Citizens United Anniversary

• Jan 21, 2016

Today marks 6 years since the Citizens United Supreme Court case, which paved the way for Super PACs and the dark money that is flooding our democracy. Since the Citizens United decision, Super PACs have spent more than $2 billion to influence elections.

Everyday Americans are fed up with super wealthy campaign donors and special interests controlling the agenda. They are fighting at the state and local level to put the public interest back in front of the special interests.

Here's how:

The citizens of Connecticut voted to strengthen their Citizens’ Elections Program.


Mainers worked hard to pass Question 1, which allows for more transparency and accountability in their elections!


Seattleites created a small-donor voucher system that will give every day people a voice in the political process!


And politicians in Washington are beginning to notice:

President Obama urged Congress to reform big money politics in this year’s State of the Union.


Congressional Democrats blocked Mitch McConnell’s efforts to give big money donors more power in Washington.


157 Members of Congress are supporting the Government By the People Act.



Join The Us Campaign in the fight against Citizens United and big money politics. Click here to sign up.

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