H.R.1 would bring much-needed campaign finance reform

• Mar 20, 2019

Dear Editor:

For too long, the outsized influence of corporate special interests in politics has outweighed the interests of the people. We’ve been left with a broken system in which an unlimited amount of money from a wealthy few can drown out the voices of constituents. It’s time for real, meaningful change. Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed the historic government reform bill H.R. 1, the first bill I co-sponsored in Congress.

H.R. 1 enacts much-needed campaign finance reform while making it easier for folks to vote and have a say in our democracy. It expands access to the ballot box by creating automatic voter registration across the country, expanding early voting, and eliminating institutional barriers.

The legislation promotes integrity by committing Congress to restore the Voting Rights Act and prohibiting voter roll purges. It gets rid of partisan gerrymandering by requiring states to create independent redistricting commissions, making our government more accountable.

This comprehensive road map for reform also includes the Connecting Lobbyists and Electeds for Accountability and Reform (CLEAR) Act, a bill I am proud to have introduced.

Currently, there is no direct, transparent way for individuals to identify lobbyists connected to political spending in campaign finance reports. The CLEAR Act would fix this by requiring additional, publicly accessible disclosures for lobbyists funding political activities. This commonsense proposal would shine a light on dark money in politics and ensure the American people can see when lobbyists are attempting to influence their elected officials.

A healthy democracy requires participation. We must keep working together to eliminate barriers to engagement and raise up the voices and concerns of constituents. I’m committed to advancing the mission of H.R. 1 and continuing the fight for a more fair and just system for everyone.

U.S. Rep. Antonio Delgado

Rhinebeck, N.Y.

Delgado, a Democrat, represents New York's 19th Congressional District.


You can read the full article by Antonio Delgado here

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Antonio Delgado

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