Our Democracy

A democracy built for Us is one that encourages the best people to run for office, protects voter access to the ballot box and makes sure the ballot box arrives safely in Washington.

But well-heeled Special Interests have hijacked the ballot box, substituting the power of money for the power of votes and dictating policy outcomes in Washington.

Connect the Dots

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  • Let’s look at the ballot box and connect the dots...


    The Supreme Court's (SCOTUS) decision in Citizens United allows shadowy special interests to spend unlimited sums in our elections.


    SCOTUS guts the Voting Rights Act, striking down provisions of the law that protected minorities in states with a history of voting rights discrimination.


    In the McCutcheon v. FEC decision, SCOTUS gives the wealthy and well-connected even more power over our democracy by allowing them to shower political candidates with up to $3.5 million -- nearly 30 times more than previous limits.


    Why is the Roberts Supreme Court making it harder to vote in elections and much easier to buy them?

    Sources: SupremeCourt.gov

  • Let’s look at what it takes to run for Congress and connect the dots...

    $1.5 million

    The average amount a candidate must raise every two years to win a Congressional election.

    $2.114 billion

    Amount supplied by the high-end donor class during the 2016 election cycle. This was nearly half of all federal contributions during that cycle and it came from just ¼ of 1% of the U.S. population.

    30% to 70%

    Percent of time the average member of Congress has to spend on fundraising and interacting with the donor class in order to raise needed funds.

    Sources: Open Secrets, Lessig "Republic Lost"

The Solution

Let’s Have Citizen Owned Elections-- It’s about Us.

James Madison said, “Government should be dependent upon the people alone.” Citizen owned elections will help restore Our Democracy by giving candidates the power to run, win and serve without having to depend on Big Money.

Sign the Petition

Funding campaigns with a small donor matching system is a real solution to make sure that the voices of everyday Americans are heard again in Washington. Add your voice today by joining Us.

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Voices from around the country.

I believe that getting big money out of our politics will positively affect the health of Americans. By getting rid of the chemical industry’s influence we will be able to remove the harmful chemicals and ingredients that are currently allowed in our personal care products and food supply (often unknown to the consumer). As a parent this issue is important to me because of the links between these harmful ingredients and behavioral health issues, chronic health conditions, and cancers.

, A Business Owner from Glen Burnie, MD