Women’s Two-Fold Stake in Public Financing of Campaigns

• Apr 23, 2013

Demos By: Linda Tarr-Whelan

If you care about having more women at the table when decisions are made, seeing that paid family leave and sick leave become law, fighting violence against women, finally achieving equal pay or a host of other issues, it is essential to overcome the big-money obstruction by re-balancing the scales for citizen power.

Secondly, when there is a critical mass of women legislators -- 30% or more -- there is a better likelihood of action to clean up state elections and move forward to solve critical issues.  Six of the top ten states with the most women legislators (all over that important tipping point threshold) have passed full or partial public financing of campaigns. None of the bottom ten (with 11-18% women) has done so. Women are taking on the toughest of state issues: Connecticut, Maryland and Colorado -- all with 30% of more women state legislators -- have recently passed tough gun control measures.

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