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Today, Big Money campaign donors call the shots in Washington, blocking progress on the issues that matter most to Us. Time and again, the insider crowd puts their interests ahead of the public interest.

The Super PACs and Billionaires think it’s all about them. But we know it’s about Us. The answer is to build a new system for funding campaigns that gives Us the power, that lets Us call the shots. With the Us Campaign, we can make that change happen!

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I’m 24 years old, recently out of college, and finally entering the work force. As an active voter, it disappoints me as an American that millionaires and billionaires are able to make my one vote seem more and more insignificant with each passing election. The size of their wallets and ability to open up massive pipelines of cash into the political process will never stop me from supporting those who have my best interest at heart. HR 20 stands up for me and millions of Americans who might not be able to write those hefty checks but find the value of casting their ballot on Election Day to be just as significant.

, A Community Organizer from Columbia, MD

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Voters deserve to know who's bankrolling shadowy political campaigns

• Oct 04, 2017

Los Angeles Times Editorial Board

A typical political ad for a ballot measure in California might include something like this: “Paid for by Yes on Proposition 99 — Good Jobs and Safe Streets, with major funding by People for Good Jobs and Safe Streets.”

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E.P.A. Chief’s Calendar: A Stream of Industry Meetings and Trips Home

• Oct 03, 2017

Eric Lipton and Lisa Friedman, New York Times

For lunch on April 26, Scott Pruitt, the new administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, dined with top executives from Southern Company, one of the nation’s largest coal-burning electric utilities, at Equinox, a white-tablecloth favorite of Washington power brokers.

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Everyone hates Trump’s godawful tax plan — except the GOP donor class

• Sep 28, 2017

Matthew Sheffield, Salon

After Senate Republicans finally gave up on their third attempt to make significant changes to America's health care system, President Donald Trump on Wednesday appeared more than ready to move onto something else, enthusiastically introducing the GOP's initial outline for overhauling the tax code.

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