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Today, Big Money campaign donors call the shots in Washington, blocking progress on the issues that matter most to Us. Time and again, the insider crowd puts their interests ahead of the public interest.

The Super PACs and Billionaires think it’s all about them. But we know it’s about Us. The answer is to build a new system for funding campaigns that gives Us the power, that lets Us call the shots. With the Us Campaign, we can make that change happen!

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I’m 24 years old, recently out of college, and finally entering the work force. As an active voter, it disappoints me as an American that millionaires and billionaires are able to make my one vote seem more and more insignificant with each passing election. The size of their wallets and ability to open up massive pipelines of cash into the political process will never stop me from supporting those who have my best interest at heart. HR 20 stands up for me and millions of Americans who might not be able to write those hefty checks but find the value of casting their ballot on Election Day to be just as significant.

, A Community Organizer from Columbia, MD

The Latest

The government is making it easier for “dark money” donors to go unnamed

• Jul 17, 2018

The IRS will no longer ask the NRA and other nonprofit groups to disclose donors.

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Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution by U.S. Stuns World Health Officials

• Jul 08, 2018

A resolution to encourage breast-feeding was expected to be approved quickly and easily by the hundreds of government delegates who gathered this spring in Geneva for the United Nations-affiliated World Health Assembly.

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Baltimore City Council backs public financing of campaigns

• Jun 25, 2018

End big money’s dominance of Baltimore politics. That was the message the Baltimore City Council sent Monday night when its 15 members voted unanimously to create a fund to provide public financing for local campaigns.

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