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Today, Big Money campaign donors call the shots in Washington, blocking progress on the issues that matter most to Us. Time and again, the insider crowd puts their interests ahead of the public interest.

The Super PACs and Billionaires think it’s all about them. But we know it’s about Us. The answer is to build a new system for funding campaigns that gives Us the power, that lets Us call the shots. With the Us Campaign, we can make that change happen!

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I believe that getting big money out of our politics will positively affect the health of Americans. By getting rid of the chemical industry’s influence we will be able to remove the harmful chemicals and ingredients that are currently allowed in our personal care products and food supply (often unknown to the consumer). As a parent this issue is important to me because of the links between these harmful ingredients and behavioral health issues, chronic health conditions, and cancers.

, A Business Owner from Glen Burnie, MD

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How to reduce the influence of big donors on city government

• Sep 16, 2019

On Tuesday beginning at 10 a.m., a key Baltimore City Council committee is set to take up legislation creating a system of public financing of political campaigns. Reducing the influence of money on local government ought to be a high priority for every community, but it has special resonance in Charm City in the wake of the “Healthy Holly” scandal that drove the last mayor from office. (Not that the rest of Maryland hasn’t seen its share of pay-to-play schemes at every level as well. Anyone remember Spiro Agnew? Joe Alton? Dale Anderson? Marvin Mandel? Jack Johnson?)

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Ensuring elections 'free from foreign intrusion'

• Jul 03, 2019

On July 4, Americans of all political stripes join together to celebrate our nation’s independence from overseas monarchs, from foreign influence, from interference in our democracy.

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Rejecting Corporate PAC Money for New Mexicans

• May 10, 2019

At the start of the last Congress, one of the first votes House Republicans took was on a bill designed to unravel protections for workers exposed to chemicals like beryllium. Beryllium is one of the chemicals that poisoned my father’s lungs and caused his cancer.

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