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Trump owes tens of millions to the Bank of China — and the loan is due soon

• Apr 24, 2020

Donald Trump is warning “China will own the United States” if Joe Biden is elected president.

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Google Will Require Proof of Identity From All Advertisers

• Apr 23, 2020

In an effort to fight off fraudulent or misleading online ads, Google will require that all advertisers across its sprawling network prove who they are and where they operate, the company said in a blog post on Thursday.

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Vote-By-Mail, Critical In Pandemic, Poses Risks For Voters Of Color

• Apr 22, 2020

The pandemic stands to bring a major surge of mail-in and absentee voting, both in the remaining spring and summer elections, and in the general election this fall.

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Trump (the Company) Asks Trump (the Administration) for Hotel Relief

• Apr 21, 2020

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