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Trump coal backer wins big under Perry's power plan

• Nov 06, 2017

Darius Dixon and Eric Wolff, Politico

A proposal by Energy Secretary Rick Perry to alter the nation's electricity markets would provide a windfall for a small group of companies — most strikingly one owned by coal magnate Bob Murray, a prominent backer of President Donald Trump.

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Senate panel advances Trump's controversial EPA chemical pick

• Oct 25, 2017

Timothy Cama, The Hill

A Senate Committee voted Wednesday to approve the nomination of President Trump’s controversial nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) chemical safety office.

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Wall Street wins big as Senate votes to roll back regulation allowing consumers to sue their banks

• Oct 24, 2017

Renae Merle, Washington Post

Vice President Pence cast a tie-breaking vote late Tuesday to block new regulations allowing U.S. consumers to sue their banks, handing Wall Street and other big financial institutions their biggest victory since President Trump's election.

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Voters deserve to know who's bankrolling shadowy political campaigns

• Oct 04, 2017

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