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Science Panel Staffed With Trump Appointees Says E.P.A. Rollbacks Lack Scientific Rigor

• Dec 31, 2019

A top panel of government-appointed scientists, many of them hand-selected by the Trump administration, said on Tuesday that three of President Trump’s most far-reaching and scrutinized proposals to weaken major environmental regulations are at odds with established science.

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How Big Companies Won New Tax Breaks From the Trump Administration

• Dec 30, 2019

The overhaul of the federal tax law in 2017 was the signature legislative achievement of Donald J. Trump’s presidency.

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Health care, spending bills fuel busy year for K Street

• Dec 26, 2019

Legislation on health care and spending helped K Street firms rack up contracts in 2019, in what was a busy year for the influence world.

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Make Laws, Not Money

• Dec 22, 2019

The Decade of Citizens United

• Dec 19, 2019

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