Hear Us

We are a movement of everyday people who are commited to making sure our voices are heard throughout Congress.

I'm , a Community Organizer from Columbia, MD.

I’m 24 years old, recently out of college, and finally entering the work force. As an active voter, it disappoints me as an American that millionaires and billionaires are able to make my one vote seem more and more insignificant with each passing election. The size of their wallets and ability to open up massive pipelines of cash into the political process will never stop me from supporting those who have my best interest at heart. HR 20 stands up for me and millions of Americans who might not be able to write those hefty checks but find the value of casting their ballot on Election Day to be just as significant.

I'm , a Delegate (Maryland House of Delegates) from Baltimore, MD.

There are two sources of political power. The people and money. I support HR 20 because it ensures that everyone has a voice in the electoral process, not just a select few.

I'm , a Legislative Aide from Baltimore County, MD.

Participation in our democracy is more than just casting your vote on Election Day, it means telling your representatives how you feel on certain issues and urging them to listen as they debate and vote on bills. But as a young person in my twenties, my voice is being drowned out by big business and wealthy corporations who get more access and more say when it comes to my elected officials. These large corporations are looking for an easier way to do business, not combat real issues like protecting the environment and fixing student debt so that I can start my life and provide for myself. It’s time to take big money out of politics and give it back to the people.

I'm , a Business Owner from Glen Burnie, MD.

I believe that getting big money out of our politics will positively affect the health of Americans. By getting rid of the chemical industry’s influence we will be able to remove the harmful chemicals and ingredients that are currently allowed in our personal care products and food supply (often unknown to the consumer). As a parent this issue is important to me because of the links between these harmful ingredients and behavioral health issues, chronic health conditions, and cancers.

I'm , a Wellness Educator from Tampa, FL.

Removing big money from politics would pave the way for honest, ethical, and unbiased candidates to get their chance in office. These are the candidates I would be excited to vote for.