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Today, Big Money campaign donors call the shots in Washington, blocking progress on the issues that matter most to Us. Time and again, the insider crowd puts their interests ahead of the public interest.

The Super PACs and Billionaires think it’s all about them. But we know it’s about Us. The answer is to build a new system for funding campaigns that gives Us the power, that lets Us call the shots. With the Us Campaign, we can make that change happen!

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I believe that getting big money out of our politics will positively affect the health of Americans. By getting rid of the chemical industry’s influence we will be able to remove the harmful chemicals and ingredients that are currently allowed in our personal care products and food supply (often unknown to the consumer). As a parent this issue is important to me because of the links between these harmful ingredients and behavioral health issues, chronic health conditions, and cancers.

, A Business Owner from Glen Burnie, MD

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The Supreme Court’s next move could fundamentally change our democracy

• Jul 05, 2022

The Supreme Court agreed last week to hear a case that could fundamentally change this country’s democracy — by making it less of one.

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Fixing the Electoral Count Act Is Suddenly the Most Popular Policy Idea in Washington

• Jan 26, 2022

The pitfalls of being the nominal majority party in an evenly divided Senate were reinforced last week, when Democrats failed to enact two voting rights measures without Republican support and then were unable to muster the votes to change the rules to allow the legislation to pass with a simple majority. Although all 50 Democrats supported the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, only 48 voted to weaken the filibuster, meaning that the bills were still subject to the 60-vote threshold to advance and therefore unable to move forward without Republican support.

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Lawsuit alleging oil companies misled public about climate change moves forward

• Jan 25, 2022

A federal appeals court in Virginia heard a landmark case Tuesday that seeks to hold major fossil fuel companies accountable for their role in climate change. The court's decision in the case will have implications for a raft of similar cases brought by cities, counties and states across the country.

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