The Us Campaign Endorses Congressman Scott Peters

• Jun 07, 2016

We are happy to announce our official endorsement of Congressman Scott Peters for re-election in California’s 52nd District.

As a former EPA lawyer Scott has hands on experience fighting back against the influence of special interest polluters on our nation's energy policy and the environment.

 “One of the biggest steps we can take to fight climate change and protect our planet is to get unlimited secret money out of our elections. By ending the disproportionate hold that big donors have over our political system, we can amplify the voices of millions of Americans who want to embrace the clean energy revolution to create high-quality jobs and reduce the harmful emissions that lead to climate change.
-Congressman Scott Peters, California

Congressman Peters has been a fighter when it comes to getting the influence of big money out of politics. He is supportive of:

  • The Government By the People Act
  • The Disclose Act
  • Close the Flood Gates Act
  • Leadership PAC Limitation Act
  • The Democracy for All Amendment (would overturn the Citizens United & McCutcheon decisions)

Learn more about Congressman Peters here:

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